About Us
Han's Energy Factory

In May 2011, Shanghai Han's new energy technology Co., Ltd. (Han’s Energy for short) was set up and funded by Han's laser. The total investment is 200 million yuan and registered capital is 65 million yuan. The company is committed to providing the automation equipment and assembly line application for lithium ion batteries and photovoltaic manufacturing.
        In 2013, the company located in the industry base in Pujiang town has been smoothly started up. New energy equipment manufacturing base with 60000 square meters that integrates R&D, manufacturing, logistics and training exhibition will be built.
        The company has strong background in equipment design, manufacturing resources and industrial application. The products have been widely used in lithium batteries and photovoltaic manufacturers at home and abroad.

Lithium Battery Industry:
Company cooperates with advanced equipment manufacturers in Japan and Korea. By introducing advanced international technologies, import monopoly of high-end core equipment is broken, and large-scale, automated manufacturing bottlenecks in power and energy storage lithium ion battery is overcame.
1. Electrode Coating Machine
2. Separator Coating Machine
3. Stacking Machine
4. Punching Machine
5. PACK Automatic Production Line

Photovoltaic Industry:
Laser technology will play a crucial role in the technological change of crystalline silicon solar cell. For new technique of high efficiency photovoltaic, new equipment for laser technology will be gradually introduced to the fabrication of solar cells, further promoting the process and technology development of solar cell and resulting in higher cell efficiency and lower cost.
1. Automation Screen Printer
2. Picosecond laser ablation machine
3. Laser fine graphics device
Han’s Energy is committed to becoming the leading complete sets of solutions provider in new energy industry, looking forward to cooperating with domestic and foreign manufacturers and joining hands in creating the future.