Customer Service

Han’s Energy achieves the localization and facilitation of customer service through systemic network management, aiming at providing the timely and efficient system services for the customers and ‘turnkey project’ of Li-ion battery and photovoltaic equipments.
      Pre-sales service:
      According to user needs, provide technical advice, corresponding product information and the solution to the problems. Assist users in analyzing markets of Li-ion battery and photovoltaic equipments from the angle of the technical feasibility. Provide the manufacturing base for customer visit.
      In the sale of service:
      Provide a full set of product operation manual for the users. Carry on the on-site investigation of the processing site and assist the user in planning and designing production location along with water, electricity, gas configuration.  
      Before and after delivery, provide systemic training of the equipment operation, maintenance and safety protection to the operators, to ensure the proficiency in operating procedures and full-scale operation.
      After-sales service:
      The parts of products are purchased using global procurement mode, and the product manufacturing is strictly executed in accordance with international standards guaranteeing product quality and stability.